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About us

The BEJD Group Agency was established in 2018, becoming the first agency to include the Real Estate Agency, the Travel and Insurance Agency in a single. BEJD is built on the basis of extraordinary care for every customer. As a new company on the market, BEJD is growing as we maintain our commitment to the highest level of integrity, personal attention, professionalism and dedicated service.

We provide services through which you can buy, sell or rent your properties. Our agents will be assured to guarantee accurate, safe and quality service anywhere and anytime.

Careful and ongoing customer relationship

Statistics: 86% of the properties are given within the first 2 weeks that arrive at the BEJD Group Agency.
BEJD Travel is a travel and tourism agency specializing in tourism. Near us you will always find the information you want in real time, reasonable prices and the destinations you want throughout the year. Airline tickets to every corner of the world with the most economical rates on the market, contemporary service, accommodation in the best hotels, tours and everything else to make your vacation unforgettable.